135 Latrobe River Road
Neerim South, VIC, 3831



100 breathtaking acres of working farm is home to a community of ethically raised animals,organic grown foodstuffs , tranquil paddocks, & peaceful private accommodation. Your stay at either the gracious Gracefield Cottage or luxurious Gracefield House will bring you closer to nature and enrich your spirit.

This is more than a farm. We recognise the power of a life lived outside. The powers of Nature to Nurture our overall wellbeing. We have a passion for farming using traditional, sustainable methods that are 100% spray and chemical free. But more importantly we believe connecting to nature makes us all better beings. We want all our guests to reconnect at Gracefield.



Hogget Kitchen — local and seasonally driven with a nose to tail approach, Hogget Kitchen’s philosophy extends beyond great food and lets the ingredients speak for themselves.

Hope Farm Bakery — the home of organic sourdough bread, and so much more, Hope Farm Bakery consists of Artisan bakers who are passionate about creating the highest quality, nutritious breads and bakery items.

Betsy’s Brownies — Local baked decadence, brownies, and cookie sandwiches, these baked goods deliver goodness in regular and gluten free form.

Sailor’s Grave Brewing — Approachable, innovative and delicious craft brew deep from the so’east. Delivering variety of style and consistency of quality.

Gippsland Cheese — supporting farmhouse artisans cheese makers of Gippsland, try the Tarago, the Jindi, Maffra and more. All individual, and locally made.

Gippsland Jersey— changing the dairy industry one litre at a time, Gippsland Jersey keeps it local and returns a portion of profits to the Gippsland farming community.



We recognise the power of a life lived outside and we believe in the importance of connecting to the land and to the community amongst us. Engaging with this planet and it’s inhabitants, we seek to be an agent for change in the world for a simpler more meaningful life.

We hold and honour our role of stewardship over the land entrusted to our hands and strive to responsibly manage it in an ethical and environmentally sound manner. We believe by engaging others in the community to foster our knowledge and by actively participating in new ideas of sustainability we can learn and hone practices that enhance and enrich our experiences with land and animal. We believe that the ‘great outdoors’ is so named for a good reason.



"Could not have asked for a better weekend" — October 2018 Guest

"Amazing scenery and perfect accommodation. " — August 2018 Guest

"From the cottage comforts, to the thriving garden, being up close to the animals and most importantly the exceptional hospitality. " — November 2017 Guest

"What a place to come and absorb the peace and tranquility " — March 2017 Guest